Serving educators & researchers,
emerging businesses & nonprofits in:

  • E-Leadership,
  • E-Collaboration,
  • E-Ethics,
  • E-Learning, and
  • E-Research, Writing & Publishing.




Developing the vision, knowledge and skills needed to bring people, tools and resources together to solve problems and achieve results by:

  • Helping prepare leaders to create cultures and practices that inspire ethical and inclusive behaviors;
  • Consulting on leadership roles and communication styles that align remote workers in a connected world; and
  • Training on leadership skills development.


Connecting organizations, partners or team members by:

  • Using systematic approaches for online collaboration;
  • Designing workflow and communications for collaborative projects or communities;
  • Training to build collaborative attitudes and skills; or
  • Evaluating collaborative processes.


Applying ethics in a complex and connected world by:

  • Helping prepare leaders to create cultures and codes that inspire ethical behavior;
  • Consulting on socially-responsible ways to start and lead business; and
  • Training and consulting on research ethics in online research.


Engaging participants through online & blended learning by:

  • Designing programs, curricula, courses or events;
  • Promoting learning through instructor-led or self-paced webinars, workshops, seminars, or courses;
  • Applying interactive, experiential and collaborative methods; or
  • Developing faculty skills in online instruction and evaluation.



 Qualitative and mixed methods for conducting research online including:

  • Designing, conducting or teaching emerging online methods;
  • Conducting user, market or social research through online questionnaires, interviews and/or focus groups;
  • Evaluating programs; or
  • Consulting on research ethics.
  • Teaching methods or training faculty in academic settings.

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