The New Social Media, New Social Science (NSMNSS) network is a partnership of the NatCen, Sage UK and the Oxford Internet Institute. NSMNSS has convened numerous on-site and online events about the use of social media in research. Attendees at the on-site events are mostly UK-based, but the online events have attracted global participation. Ethical issues have been a persistent theme throughout the discussions. We offered a questionnaire last spring to learn more specifically about ethical concerns as well as the sources they consult when making decisions in their own research.

I analyzed all of the records from events and the questionnaire responses to determine what specific issues e-researchers identify, and to what extent these issues are addressed the codes and guidelines they named.  You can find links to the full report and an overview presentation on the NSMNSS blog  You can join us for a conversation on the issues in a Tweetchat at #NSMNSS on March 11, 19:00 or 7 pm in London, 3 PM in New York. (See for your time zone.)