Whether you are an emerging artist or have never picked up a brush, join me for a creative workshop at the Open Studios gallery on the Pearl Street Mall (in the Old Chicago building). Registration will open soon, in the meantime, contact me to put your name on the list: jsalmons[at]vision2lead.com.



Wish You Were Here: Art Cards

Creating and sending small paintings is fun for you and will make the day of anyone who receives it. Art cards are fun when you are traveling, or any time you want to send a heart-felt greeting. Learn basic watercolor and penmanship techniques that will make your cards stand out in a pile of junk mail!
Class fee: $120
Supply fee: $25
You will use and take home a fountain pen, mobile watercolor palette, brush, and a starter set of art cards
Class time: 3 hours, 1 to 4 pm
Choose from one of the following dates: August 9, or August 10
Minimum enrollment: 6, maximum enrollment: 15

Journaling Right and Left

From to-do lists to life observations, journaling can be practical or reflective. We’ll take a holistic view that allows you to use your imaginative right side and practical left side. Nature journaling allows us to sharpen observational skills as we make note of the unfolding changes of the places and seasons in our beautiful world. Memoir journaling helps us capture and consider both current and past life events, as we look toward the future. Art journals give us a place to doodle, sketch, paint as we express ourselves. Planners keep us on track, and moving forward. We’ll explore and try different styles, so you can develop your own mindful approach.
Class fee: $100 for one workshop, $175 for both workshops.
Supply fee: $25 (If you take both workshops, only one art kit will be needed.) You will use and take home an Open Arts art journal, fountain pen, mobile watercolor palette, brush.
Class time: 2.5 hours, 1 to 3:30 pm
Minimum enrollment: 6, maximum enrollment: 15

Choose from the following dates:
  • Nature and Memoir Journaling will be offered July 22, and August 7
  • Art Journaling and Planner Journaling will be offered July 24, and July 31


Don’t you need a creative interlude?
My workshops are based on three principles:

  • We need time to refresh our minds and spirits. We are collectively under stress from a tumultuous time and information overload. We spend too much time looking at screens (this from a digital geek!) and not enough time using our hands.
  • You don’t need to be an artist to benefit from a creative experiences. We focus on process, not the product.
  • You can do it! Start with some basic techniques, play and have fun!