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I am an independent researcher, writer, instructor and consultant. My eclectic, interdisciplinary interests include various facets of collaboration, leadership and ethics in a digital world. I am also interested in e-learning approaches that develop 21c. leadership and collaboration skills, as well as e-research approaches for studying them. I consider my research approach to be creative and translational, that is, focused on aligning discoveries with practical ways to make a better world.  I’ve developed numerous models that form the basis of the writing I do about research, including the Qualitative E-Research Framework, Typology of Visual Online Interview Methods, and the Taxonomy of Online Collaboration. Learn more about how to use these models in resources available on this site, and by reading my books.

I am a lead writer and organizer for MethodSpace, a multi-voice blog about teaching and using research methods, and writing and publishing research.

In addition, I am a fledgling artist. I use my creative time as a painter to practice observation, mindfulness, and reflection. 

My approach as a consultant is energetic and collaborative. While I am the principal consultant for Vision2Lead, I will assemble and manage an appropriate project team. Contact me to discuss how we can get started.



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