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TeaQual Online Interviewsch a course with Qualitative Online Interviews! Here is are two options  you can adapt to fit your curriculum and course: Syllabus- Qualitative Inquiry and Online Interviews  or Syllabus-Online Interviews and Case Analysis (using both Qualitative Online Interviews and Cases in Online Interview Research. Teach the entire syllabus or use a few units to update a current class.

Don’t teach research methods? Use experiential online interviews to to bridge theory and praxis in any course. Interviews with experts in their field or people who have lived through important periods of history can contribute meaningful insights not found in textbooks.

  • Qualitative Inquiry and Online Interviews. This course explores online interview methods into the context of qualitative research methodologies.  This course focuses on review, critique and analysis of published qualitative research articles. This course can be adapted for use by upper-level Masters, professional doctorate or PhD programs.
  • Online Interviews and Case Analysis. The focus of this course is on the analysis of published cases of online interview research that utilizes various methodologies, methods and technologies. This course uses both Qualitative Online Interviews and Cases in Online Interview Research as texts. This course can be adapted for use by upper-level Masters, professional doctorate or PhD programs.
  • Experiential Learning with Online Interview Exercises. See this explanation and these E-Interviews for Active Learning in Class Projects ideas for using e-interviews in research or other courses.

Additional resources:


  • E-Interview Research Framework
  • Methodologies and Methods in Online Interviews
  • Technology, Communication and E-Interview Structure
  • Visual E-Interviews
  • Ethical Online Interview Research


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