Qualitative Online Interviews: Strategies, Design & Skills

“This book is ahead of its time. It tackles the complicated matter of merging technology with research in a rather lucid manner.”

David Lee Carlson, Arizona State University

“The text is an excellent example for providing effective and efficient instruction. Learners can easily navigate the various components, and it can be used for self-study. . . . Marvelous depth of coverage on the online interview process. It is at the leading edge of thinking in the field of e-research.”

Anne-Marie Armstrong, Colorado Technical University

“[This is] a very thoughtful and engaged text on very important 21st century issues. Concepts, even very difficult ones, are explained clearly and gracefully.”

Laura J. Hatcher, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

“[This book] presents a clear, research-based conceptual framework to understand both the process of qualitative data collection using interviews, as well as ethical and practical considerations associated with design and implementation. This is a most comprehensive book addressing the concepts and protocol of qualitative research methods with particular consideration for computer-mediated thinking, connecting, interviewing, and data collection and analysis. . . . This text is more than a “how-to” volume on qualitative interviewing. This book is rich with the organizational structure of the process of qualitative methodology that enhances the methods!”

Sally R. Beisser, Drake University

“The new edition is timely, and covers relevant areas of using available online media to collect qualitative interviews. Particularly useful as a text to help those who want to do research on global/international participants without being limited by availability of funding for travelling abroad.”

Faith Wambura Ngunjiri, Eastern University

Looking for a text to update an existing course– or as the basis for a new course?

Qualitative Online Interviews, available from Sage Publications and your favorite bookseller, offers a thorough foundation in both theoretical and practical aspects of qualitative research online. It is organized using the E-Interview Research Framework (Salmons, 2012, 2015) to provide a systematic, holistic process for exploring each stage of the research design and conduct. It is appropriate for a wide range of academic courses, from advanced undergraduate through graduate level. The book is also valuable for experienced independent and practicing researchers who want to add online research skill sets.

Qualitative Online Interviews can enhance courses on research methods, qualitative methods, mixed methods or digital methods. It can be used alone, or in conjunction with Cases in Online Interview Research. Cases offers a set of exemplars and critiques utilizing the E-Interview Research Framework. These cases can help students learn about the decisions researchers make when planning and conducting online studies.


See how Qualitative Online Interviews can be used in a course with these sample course outlines:

Online Interviews Design and Practice. Many students enter the thesis or dissertation stage with little hands-on research experience. In this course, students practice the steps they are learning. Assignments center on a course project that allows students to collect data from online interviews and related observations. This course can be adapted for use by upper-level undergraduate, Masters, professional doctorate or PhD programs.  A course outline that offers hands-on experience with planning and conducting interviews is posted here: Course Outline- Online Interviews Design and Practice.

Qualitative Inquiry and Online Interviews. This course explores online interview methods into the context of qualitative research methodologies.  This course focuses on review, critique and analysis of published qualitative research articles. This course can be adapted for use by upper-level Masters, professional doctorate or PhD programs. The course outline focused on qualitative interviews in the context of qualitative methodologies is posted here: Course Outline- Qualitative Inquiry and Online Interviews.

Online Interviews and Case Analysis. The focus of this course is on analysis of published cases of online interview research that utilizes various methodologies, methods and technologies. This course uses both Qualitative Online Interviews and Cases in Online Interview Research as texts. This course can be adapted for use by upper-level Masters, professional doctorate or PhD programs. A syllabus for a course that uses case analysis to interrogate online interview research is posted here: Online Interviews and Case Analysis Syllabus.

The E-Research Tips, available on this site, are referenced in these course materials, as are additional resources coming soon on the Sage Publications Companion Book Site.

Experiential Learning with Online Interview Exercises. See these E-Interviews for Active Learning in Class Projects ideas for using e-interviews to bridge theory and praxis.