Bettering the World with Vision and Purpose

Vision: What do you want to do?

Purpose: Why?

Knowledge and skills: How will you accomplish your goals?

Is it time to learn something new?


Learn about qualitative and online methods.


Learn about academic writing and creative ways to share and exchange ideas.


Learn to work with others in academic and professional settings.


Learn to express yourself creatively.

From the Blog

I’m Dr. Janet Salmons, Free-Range Scholar
& Creative

I am a free-range scholar and creative. That means I am un-caged from institutional or disciplinary constraints.

I work as an independent researcher, writer, coach, and instructor. My eclectic, interdisciplinary interests include emerging ways to do research, teach, and collaborate in a digital world. I am the Methods Guru, lead writer and manager for MethodSpace, a multi-voice blog about teaching and using research methods, and writing and publishing research.

I am a creative artist and workshop facilitator. Learn more about current online class offerings here

For more information or to discuss potential projects, contact me: jsalmons[at] Follow me on Twitter @einterview or on Linked In.