Two Workshops at Two Hands Paperie

Two Workshops at Two Hands Paperie

You don’t have to be an artist
to enjoy creative time!

Take a break from the busy-ness and learn new ways to integrate creativity into your everyday life. I’m offering two classes at Two Hands Paperie in Boulder, Colorado to give you a start! These intimate, relaxed workshops offer how-to steps, time to practice, and take-home guides.  Not in Boulder? See flexible class options and invite me to offer a workshop in your shop, museum, organization, or community!

A Notebook for All Things 

Saturday, October 12th, 1:00- 4:30 pm
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Journaling can be practical or expressive, or both. In this class we will explore and experiment with approaches you can use for art, nature, diary or travel memoir, and planner journals. We’ll look at the kinds of techniques you can use to reflect mindfully, capture observations, record thoughts, and plan  important events.We will create and use a customized multi-purpose notebook with materials from Make My Notebook. You will take home the journal and a guide with suggested exercises and prompts.

Hands-On Fountain Pens 

Friday, November 15th
3:00-5:00 pm
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I am a blogger and have written 7 books, so I have lots of experience with digital writing. When I want to think more deeply about what I am writing, create a message that won’t get stuck in an inbox, or when I want to sketch and doodle, my choice is a fountain pen. I love being able to choose inks and nibs, and avoid adding disposable pens to the landfill. Don’t be intimidated– modern pens are easy to use! Come learn to write with a fountain pen. You will also learn how fountain pens work, and how to maintain them so you can treasure a pen for years to come. 

Workshops at Two Hands Paperie in Boulder, Colorado

Workshops at Two Hands Paperie in Boulder, Colorado

Garden Fun

Wish You Were Here – Postcards on the Go! 

Information overload – everyone suffers from it now that text messages and emails are inescapable. How can you break though the inbox and catch someone’s attention? With an art card and handwritten note, of course!

Saturday, April 13, 1- 4 pm at Two Hands Paperie in Boulder, Colorado.
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pilot penHands-On Pens:

The fountain pen offers a unique and timeless writing experience. This workshop offers a hands-on experience that covers the basics of how to select, care for, and use a fountain pen for writing or drawing. 

This class was offered Friday, March 1st, 6:00-8:00 pm at Two Hands Paperie in Boulder, Colorado.