Applying ethics in a complex and connected world by:

  • Helping prepare leaders to create cultures and codes that inspire ethical behavior;
  • Consulting on socially-responsible ways to start and lead business; and
  • Training and consulting on research ethics in online research.

Ethical behavior means more than doing the right thing since there are many views about what is right.
Ethical theories guide scholars who study what is good and moral behavior, and offer foundations for ethics codes, codes of conduct and other sets of practical guidelines. Clearly, a situation may be understood differently depending on the perspectives and values of those involved, the cultural context, as well as the theoretical lens.

Why are there so many ethical theories and ways of approaching dilemmas? As Baggini and Fosi (2007) observe, “more than two millennia of moral philosophy have led to little consensus about the fundamental nature of ethics, the hierarchy of moral principles, or the way to apply them in the real world. Worse, some respectable thinkers have rejected the idea that reaching consensus about such things is even possible” (p. xv). This disheartening view is further complicated in the digital age, with the increasing breakdown of boundaries between public and private spheres.

In any Vision2Lead project the ethical dimensions will be considered and discussed– whether the project relates directly to ethics.

Experience & Expertise:

  • Over 16 years as an online graduate faculty member at Capella University’s School of Business, where I developed and taught courses in leadership and ethics, and supervised research on ethics.
  • Expertise in online and social media research ethics.
  • Chair, Academy of Management Ethics Education Committee.

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